Title Tree Strategic Partner Referral Program

When new customers come through our doors, they are almost always referred to us by someone else. Most of these new customers had never heard of a title pawn, or Title Tree, until someone sent them our way.

Therefore, we recognize how incredibly important referrals are to our business.

  • Title Tree appreciates each and every referral we receive from our trusted partners.
  • Referrals are our biggest source of new business, and these repeated votes of confidence mean so much to us.
  • To express our appreciation, we have established a Strategic Partner Referral Program. This program allows us to reward businesses who send qualified referrals to their nearest Title Tree location.
  • We hope that a small token of our appreciation will keep new clients coming through our doors for a long time to come.

How does my Business benefit from the Title Tree Strategic Partner Referral Program

All too often you have a potential customer in your place of business with a need for your products or services, frequently a serious and immediate need, such as a car repair, major appliance repair, unexpected travel, medical emergency or any number of other unexpected major expenses. The problem is your potential customer does not have the money available to pay for your products or services.

This is where Title Tree and the Strategic Partner Referral Program can help. With a fast and easy title pawn from Title Tree, your potential customer now has the money to pay for your products or services and you have helped them solve a very real immediate need. They will always remember how you helped them out.

In addition to getting a new customer, Title Tree will pay you $100 as a Strategic Partner Referral Bonus. This is what we like to call a win-win-win. You get a new customer and help them out in their time of need, we get a new customer we would likely have never met and don't forget, you also get the $100 Strategic Partner Referral Bonus for your effort.

Additionally, the Title Tree Strategic Partner Referral Program includes the following joint marketing benefits:

Strategic Partner Referral Program Benefits

  • Your business information and special offer is listed on our website and promoted to our customers, gaining your business valuable exposure to hundreds of potential new customers.
  • Your Strategic Partner Referral Program relationship with Title Tree is promoted with a joint Press Release, frequently picked up and published by major news outlets in Metro Atlanta.
  • Title Tree will pay every Strategic Partner Referral Program member $100 for each qualified referral you send us.

How to Get Started

To get started in the Title Tree Strategic Partner Referral Program, simply call your local branch manager and they will provide all the details and get you set up quickly. Mostly, all we need is your business information and logo for our website, any special offer you would like us to promote to our customers and some basic information for the joint Press Release.

We will set you up quickly with your unique Strategic Partner Referral Program referral code and get you printed referral cards to hand out to your customers. We will also provide you with rack cards for your business explaining the Title Tree Strategic Partner Referral Program benefits to your customers. Sharing your Strategic Partner Referral Program referral code with your customers will help ensure that we know that referral came from your business and that you receive your referral bonus.

How can I send Qualified Referrals to Title Tree

To streamline the referral process for our Strategic Partner Referral Program members, there is a simple form below that you can complete each time you submit a referral. We will also provide you with Strategic Partner Referral Program cards to hand out, with your unique referral code, which your referrals use when they visit Title Tree.

Strategic Partner Referral Program

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