A Cash Advance Is the Best Way to Get Those Much Needed New Tires. Read This to Find Out Why

cash advance in AtlantaSave a bundle using a cash advance in Atlanta to improve your car’s performance. The winter weather forecast for Georgia this year includes lower temperatures, an especially snowy January and rainy conditions throughout spring, leading up to a tropical storm in May. Each of those conditions seriously impacts your safety, as well as your gas mileage, so making a sensible tire switch before cold weather rolls is well worth it.

You’ll Need Snow Tires This Winter

Many cars sold in mild climates come with low-quality, all-season or summer tires. These work well on warm, dry pavement, but as soon as temperatures drop low enough for snow to fall, their rubber starts to harden. Tires rely on pliability to hug the road, providing enough traction to safely steer.

Winter snow tires are made with softer rubber to provide better traction in slick conditions. They also often have deeper treads and may have tracks or studs for gripping ice or snow covered surfaces. State and local governments may not be ready for the weather conditions this year, so don’t expect adequate salting and sanding to keep you mobile. Make sure it’s not needed by putting snow tires on your vehicle before the cold weather strikes.

You’ll Need Summer Tires This Spring

Unfortunately, while winter tires do a bang-up job in freezing weather, they won’t do much good once spring rolls around. Warmer temperatures make rubber soft—too soft to provide the control you’ll need after winter is through. Add in the amounts of rain expected, and you’d be lucky not to lose control of your car.

Summer tires provide the traction needed to handle both heat and rain. They’re thinner, maintaining better handling and allowing less chance of hydroplaning on wet pavement.  Use a cash advance for two new sets of tires in order to keep yourself safe all year long.

Changing Your Tires throughout the Year

The thought of changing 8 tires a year is enough to convince some drivers to get all-season tires. It’s a mistake to assume these products will help you in deep snow or heavy rain. All-season tires work best in mild climates and on clear, dry pavement.   They likely won’t handle the rougher weather on its way.

Most shops have the tools to change tires quickly and efficiently, and because it’s such a simple job, reputable shops won’t charge very much. Spending $10 – $20 a season to secure your safety in bad weather is the best investment you could make all year. In areas with mobile mechanics, you may be able to have your tires swapped out without leaving the comfort of home.

When to Replace or Repair Your Tires

If you already have snow and summer tires, or if you’re not intending to make the change, you want to keep an eye out for dangerous levels of wear. During the lifetime of your tires, you can preserve tread by maintaining tire pressure, driving safely and frequently rotating your tires. Doing so helps keep your car in excellent shape, and it helps you get the most of every dollar you spend on gas. Tires with uneven tread lower your gas mileage.

Maintaining tire pressure alone can save you a significant amount in gasoline costs. Modern cars come with a tire pressure warning system, but drivers don’t often realize this only alerts you when your tires are dangerously low and in danger of failing. In order to preserve the health of your tires and beneficial levels of air pressure, it’s important to monitor them regularly, either by checking them or installing special tire valve caps that display the current pressure rates.

If you’re suffering from leaks, bubbles or low tread, you should replace your tires before they blow out. You don’t have to replace all four unless you’re switching to a different type of tire—from all-season to winter, for example. However, you should buy them in pairs, and if you only purchase two at a time, make sure to put the new tires on the rear of your car to help maintain better stability and traction.

A car accident could cost you your life. Stay safe, and keep your car expenses low by purchasing the right tires for the job.

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