Worried About Paying for the Holidays? Try Cash Advance with Title Pawn

title pawnIn Atlanta there’s a little known way of boosting your buying power during the holidays. Credit cards leave you open to identity theft, and personal loans through a traditional lender have become more difficult to obtain. While considered a subpar method of borrowing in the past, today’s cash advances have many benefits when it comes to short-term financial needs.

Cash advance through traditional pawn shops.

Do you have property in good condition? You’ll be able to get a small cash advance if you turn it in at a local pawn shop. The amount you’ll receive for your goods is usually quite low in correlation to its used resale value, however, so you may wind up pawning a lot to cover your bills.

The pawn shops dealing with property in your area may use the lowest price they can find online to establish value, when those values aren’t truly representative of what your property would really sell for. Additionally, they might encourage you to sell straight out rather than pawn, but don’t assume it means they’ll give you more money.

Cash advance through title pawns.

The title to your car is your proof of ownership. You’ll need it to take out a title pawn for cash in Atlanta. When you apply for a title pawn, you’ll need all your records proving you own the car, live in town and have some ability to pay back what you owe. If you’re confused, your lender will tell you what to bring.

Unlike pawning other property, when you use your car to get a title pawn, your lender doesn’t keep your car. You’re still able to drive it around, and you’ll be able to continue to get to work and school just like you usually do. Title pawns can be processed in minutes. The resulting cash can be used for holiday gifts, travel, hosting large meals, unexpected medical or family expenses, and more. They offer an excellent way to handle surprise bills or provide a loved one with a special Christmas surprise.

Ask Title Tree whether you qualify for a title pawn today.


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