Can You Really Cut Your Spending without Giving Up Everything?

Learn how to cut your spending in just a few weeks.

Cut Your SpendingIf you cut your spending, you’ll reduce your stress levels and prevent your home – and your life – from filling up with clutter. Unfortunately, it can be really tough to change spending habits, but new trends in technology have made it easier. According to US News & World Report, there are several new methods savvy shoppers use to curb their spending:

Find Coupons and Cut Your Spending with Every Purchase

With the number of rebate and coupon apps, there’s really no reason you should pay full price. With the scan of a smartphone, you can find a list of eligible discounts for thousands of items currently found in the store. More retailers are accepting digital coupons as well though printable coupons and even manufacturer clippings from mailers and newspapers are still popular options.

Let Your Friends Know You’re Saving Your Money

Friendly frugal spenders struggle with invitations from others to go out. Turning down family and friends can lead to problems unless you offer up some explanation, but no one wants to admit they’re having money troubles. It all comes down to the way you phrase your rejections. “Sorry, but I’m trying to save money,” sounds much more responsible than, “dude, I’m broke.” Also, if your friends understand you are saving vs. without any funds, they’re less likely to offer to pay your way – a suggestion you should turn down, by the way. Just let your friends know when you’ll have more fun money.

Set Aside Some Money for Recreation

Budget social spending into the bigger picture, even if you only sock away enough to go with your friend to get a burger. These satisfying expenditures keep the rest of your budget on the straight and narrow. They also add enough enjoyment to your life, so that your life is more than an endless cycle of work-sleep-repeat. Think you have no money for fun? You’ll be surprised how much you start saving when you begin to prioritize your spending.

Save Money When You DIY

The DIY craze extends far beyond home repairs. Whether you’re looking to host a party or upgrade your stereo, savings can be found in making or doing many things on your own. Video tutorials have made these projects easier than ever before, and you’ll be surprised by the range of DIY activities you’ll find online.

Use Your Smartphone to Save Money

There are several new budgeting apps that don’t just help you track your expenses, but they encourage you to make better decisions. Simply sync your debit and credit card accounts, and it instantly records all your spending. The app called Moven, for instance, keeps dibs on your purchases in real-time, quickly sorting them into categories to help you see where your money is really going. It provides an easy visual guide to whether a purchase supports your goals.

Get a Big Payment? Save It Now

Did you get a holiday bonus? Is your tax refund due any day? Minimize your risks of overspending by taking that check and immediately socking it away. Once in savings, consider it part of your emergency fund. This mental shift from “easy money” to “safety net” is enough to help you postpone surprise splurges.

Change Your Housing Situation to Save Money

Looking to save some serious scratch? Consider taking on a roommate. Sharing your bills with someone else is an easy way to cut your expenses in half. Just make sure your roomie is responsible. Perform background checks, ask for references and don’t rely on family or friends-of-friends.

It’s easy to start saving, no matter how much you have to cut back. You have a world of options available, from creating simple habits to making major life changes, but none of them have to make you unhappy.

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