How Title Pawn Can Help You Pay for All Those School Supplies This Year

Douglasville Title Pawn

An Douglasville title pawn is perfect for one-time expenses, such as back-to-school shopping, that many people struggle to manage on their own. According to the National Retail Federation, the average family will spend over $600 on clothes and supplies for the upcoming school year. That figure is up from last year, during a time when average household income is falling. Parents are being forced to get creative in order to find more reasonable financing options.

Back-to-School is a Budget Problem for 80 Percent of Families

Analysts note a coming problem on the horizon for many big box retailers, including stores like Target, Walmart and Kohl’s. Consumers can’t afford to keep these stores afloat. Families have lost an average of $4800 in annual income since 2007. At the same time, prices continue to rise, as have school-mandated supply lists. What was once limited to pencils and paper now includes see-through book bags and tech-related purchases like smart disks or screen wipes. More people have more purchases to make, but less money to spend. Industry leaders expect the 2014 back-to-school buying season to be a struggle for up to 80 percent of the families shopping. Parents just don’t have room in their budgets for this big of an expense, and many are looking for ways to lessen the burden.

Title Pawns Present Affordable, Accessible Financing

Most banks have tightened their belts when it comes to personal loans. They want to see near perfect credit scores, guaranteed incomes and what they deem justifiable reasons to need a loan. Unfortunately, because you know your kids will be in school and need these supplies every year, bank executives may not feel comfortable granting a loan for a small expected purchase. They may doubt your ability to repay the loan if you weren’t able to save up $600 to $1000 over the course of a year. Douglasville title pawn dealers are more reasonable. We realize the money you’ve saved often gets allocated to unexpected emergencies, leaving you without the funds for notebooks and memory sticks. Our financing decisions are based on the value and ownership of your car and your monthly income, which can include earnings from a job, interest from an investment, school loan disbursements, alimony and child support or other sources. Additionally, part of our commitment to you includes respecting your privacy.

Get Financing Fast Enough to Take Advantage of Flash Deals

Sometimes it isn’t the school supply list posing a problem, but a surprise sale the store hosts along with back-to-school incentives. Retailers have been promoting school supplies since May. They know parents are in buying mode and use these last-minute bargains as a way to increase profits across the board. Title pawn financing is available in just a few minutes, so you won’t miss out on these specials. Could taking advantage of these deals save you significant money down the road? Would you save more than you’d spend on fees borrowing the money? Deals like these really help people see how Douglasville title pawns can be used as a smart tool for timely spending.

Even Big Box Stores Are Struggling

According to reports, big box stores’ sales are down month-over-month. The American people aren’t spending enough to go around. Stores are expected to make a big push for business through the end of 2014, including an aggressive back-to-school season. Nearly one-quarter of retail stores were advertising for back-to-school in May of this year, and 47 percent of all retail outlets saw the inclusion of school supplies in their stock. Kohl’s, for instance, tried to capitalize on the sale of their popular rock-fem designs through backdoor sales of folders and notebooks. When the stores are scrambling to cover costs, it makes sense when parents are too. If you need help buying school supplies or new clothes or shoes for your kids’ upcoming school years, look into your financial options like Douglasville title pawns. Consider those last-minute store specials too. They can represent solid deals which can save you big in the future. Visit your nearest Title Tree location for the information on Douglasville title pawn in Georgia.