The Shopper’s Guide to a Holiday Cash Advance

holiday cash advanceA cash advance isn’t just a tool for covering emergency bills. You can effectively use a short-term loan to boost your buying power over the holidays. Following this advice will allow you to raise your credit score, tap into traditional lending programs and gain access to consumer tools useful at any time of year.

Cash Advance + Holiday Secured Credit Offer = Fast Track to Stellar Credit Scores

The holidays are famous for their credit specials. From zero percent interest to frequent flyer miles and cash back programs, these incentives aren’t just for people who already have credit cards. There are also secured credit offers at this time of year which allow people who are building (or rebuilding) their credit. You can tap into these benefits and enjoy holiday savings and long-term benefits.

Financial experts recommend putting down a deposit for a secured credit card, and using it to make timely monthly payments, like the payments for your cash advance. Use your paycheck to pay off your credit card bill on time each month, aiming to pay all but 5 – 10 percent of your bill. Ironically, keeping a small balance on your card is better for your credit than completely paying it off.

Cash Advance + Holiday Steals = Best Presents Ever

The luster of Black Friday deals have dulled considerably since the periodic brawling of budget buyers turned to real tragedy. During the thick of the recession, shoppers and security offers were seriously injured—sometimes killed—as crowds turned to chaos. Today’s Black Fridays still offer incredible discounts, but nothing that fuels the same kind of frenzy. Instead, stores extend the buying weekend throughout Cyber Monday, when most discounts are found online and people can take part from the safety of their own homes.

True holiday treasures are often peppered throughout the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It may only be one item in the store, but once announced, you have a very limited amount of time to get the money you need to cash in. Typical bargain buys include flat screen TVs, gaming systems and other pricey tech gadgets. You can get in on these bargains even when you don’t have money on-hand, by taking out a few minutes of your day to check out your buying options.

There’s a new type of short-term financing available that takes just minutes to process and complete. A pawn title cash advance near Atlanta, GA, can be completed in 30 minutes, providing you with the flash financing you need to take advantage of the best buys. Drive straight to the store and cash in on the biggest bargain of the season, maximizing your spending dollars and saving much more than you’d pay on financing fees.

Cash Advance + Holiday Travel Deals = Getting Home for the Holidays

Unexpected sales on limited items go quickly, especially in terms of travel deals. The holidays are one of the most expensive times of year to fly, but if a plane hasn’t been filled a few days before take-off, airlines announce a price drop. They do this through email and social media, so make sure you’re signed up to receive these notifications.

Similarly, you can find special prices for lodging, dining and popular tourist destinations. These offers can help offset the cost of transportation when you can’t find cheap tickets to use to get home or to purchase more presents for your family and friends once you arrive. Make sure to keep family together during the holidays by using a title pawn to secure the best prices.

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