How to Save Money Clothes Shopping and Still Look Stylish

Discover how to save money clothes shopping without looking broke.

How to Save Money Clothes ShoppingAlready know how to save money clothes shopping? It’s tough to keep up with the latest fashion trends without spending more than suits your budget. Store cards are easy to get, but they’re also an easy road to debt. Simply applying for one can tank your credit score for six months or more. There are plenty of ways to find affordable, fashionable styles, and, if you can use a store card responsibly, you can also use it to establish outstanding credit. Just follow these shopping suggestions, compliments of Title Tree.

Hit the Thrift Store

Second-hand shops like Goodwill sell clothes in a range of conditions and in every style. They present you with potential savings in more than one way. Not only can you find sweet deals for sale, you’ll learn more about what purchases in stores will be real bargains.

Take a few hours out of your week to go try on new looks. You’ll find out which fashions work with your personality and body type, and you’ll get a heads up on fabrics and designs you would waste money buying. As an added bonus, you may find a few ultra-cheap pieces in like-new condition.

Buy/Sell Online

While eBay and Amazon have been around for ages, a new trend in budget buying is the buy/sell communities on Facebook. Most are local groups, and they might be general, clothing-specific or even broken down according to age, size, gender or style. There are specialty brand groups as well.

The best thing about Facebook buy/sell is the ability to see something in person before you make a purchase. You don’t have to buy something that’s significantly different from the photo or online description, and most sellers understand if you change your mind. No call/no show? Chronically backing out of deals? Those habits are likely to get you blacklisted.

End-of-Day Garage Sale Finds

While many bargain hunters hit garage sales first thing looking for the choicest bargains, there are big discounts to be found by showing up at the end of the day. Homeowners are often bored, tired and disappointed at the amount of merchandise they’ll have to lug back inside. If you offer to take a bundle of clothes off their hands, they often jump at the chance.

The exception? People get defensive when you’re obviously taking advantage. Offering someone half off goes over a lot better than trying to purchase a whole table’s worth of jeans for $1. Don’t let greed get in the way of a good buy.

Shop on Key Holidays

How to Save Money Clothes ShoppingAccording to U.S. News & World Report, the best clothes sales often correspond with federal holidays. For the cheapest new winter clothes, shop during Labor Day and Columbus Day Sales. The best summer specials are found during July 4th celebrations. And lingerie? Ladies, the New Year is your best bet for fueling your bedroom transformation.

Utilize Store Card Rewards

Generally speaking, store credit cards are easier to get than credit cards with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express label. Some of the easiest store cards to start out with are Express, The Loft and specialty cards like Brylane Homes or Fullbeauty. You don’t even have to apply. Just fill your online cart with items, check out as a guest and many times you’ll receive a special offer for financing right off the bat. This is called the “shopping cart trick.” Search the phrase online to discover the latest cards offered and the easiest ways to qualify.

Once you have a store card, it’s imperative you use it wisely. Never charge more than 10 percent of your available balance, and always pay it down to one to three percent of your balance. Interest on these cards is incredibly high, and the penalties for late payments are severe. It would be quite easy to bury yourself in debt quickly by mismanaging them. However, used wisely, a store card is your ticket to outstanding credit. After a year of responsible use, you’ll be eligible for mainstream credit cards you can use everywhere. In addition to that, your purchases often result in store rewards, such as 30 percent off coupons and credits you can use for new purchases.

If you’re working on learning how to save money clothes shopping, an auto pawn could help. Call your nearest Title Tree location for help now