Feeling Stressed About the Pre-Baby Budget? Read These 5 Tips on How to Save Money During Pregnancy

Discover how to save money during pregnancy, so you can stress less once baby is here.

How To Save Money During PregnancyLearning how to save money during pregnancy is one of the best moves you can make for your child’s future. Living in a financially secure home prevents an overwhelming number of problems from cropping up. From fighting to keep the bills paid to figuring out what to feed your child, there’s little room for savoring the moment for parents who are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Put the following habits in motion today to create a better future for your new family.

1.     Hold Off on Last-Minute Purchases

Being shocked by sales prices motivates everyone to whip out their wallets. Unfortunately, a chance to save a chunk of money doesn’t always make for smart purchases. Try to give yourself 24 hours to decide. If you’re dealing with a limited sale, leave the store, get some exercise, grab something to eat and then consider whether you’d ever buy the item at regular price.

2.     Cancel Subscriptions You Don’t Use

A long time ago, marketers figured out something about most shoppers they’ve used to their advantage ever since. Most people do not like to hurt others’ feelings, and canceling a service can feel a lot like an insult. That’s why so many of us continue to take magazines, or the newspaper, or installments from a crate membership we no longer like.

Make sure your regular expenses support your quality of life. If they don’t, get rid of them, or at least consider paring them down. The newspaper, for instance, may be available on 7-day, 3-day or Sunday-only basis. Your club deliveries may be available once a month or four times a year.

3.     Use Competition to Score Big Bargains

Speaking of regular expenses, internet providers, cable companies and cell phone carriers are infamous for charging exorbitant rates. You can often get them lowered to reasonable levels simply by calling and asking if they can beat a competitor’s introductory rate. What if you have an early contract termination fee to worry about? Many companies will pick up the tab if you make the switch. Don’t be shy about reminding your own provider of that fact. Whether or not you decide to make a change, you’re likely to get a discount.

4.     Clip Coupons with Your Smartphone

App stores are overflowing with shopping applications, from budgeting apps like Mint to rebate apps like Ibotta. You want a well-rounded shopping application that allows you to search for coupons and store them on your phone for use at the register. According to LifeHacker, RetailMeNot and SnipSnap are excellent starters.

5.     Plan Your Food Purchases

One of the easiest ways to keep a handle on your budget, and your weight, is by planning your grocery shopping in advance. Whether you meal prep or just plan out your menu for the week, taking that step will save approximately 40 percent of your shopping budget. Save extra by staying out of the store! That’s right. You may think grocery delivery is a luxury, but when you consider all the impulse buys you’re likely to make (not to mention the energy you’ll waste), the delivery fee seems like a worthy investment. The biggest benefit? Your growing baby will get the best nutrition available.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. The same can be said for her partner, too. Unfortunately, preparing for baby and the extra responsibilities can introduce stress into an otherwise happy situation. Put those fears to rest and set your child up for the better life by taking steps now to curb your bills.

It can take time and practice to learn how to save money during pregnancy. Be patient with yourself. If you need a bit of wiggle room in the process, a title pawn can help. Call or visit your nearest Title Tree store to find out whether you qualify.