How to Save Money on Gas When You Have to Drive to Work 5 Days a Week

Discover the best tips on how to save money on gas without inconvenience.

How To Save Money on GasLearn how to save money on gas while driving regularly. Let’s discover some of the best methods for shaving down gas mileage, regardless of the make or model of your car. What you thought was impossible is easy to achieve when you try the following techniques.

Remove Extra Weight

 According to Mr. Money Mustache, roof racks, tow bars and other hefty, seldom used accessories are a hidden source of fuel waste few owners think about. Removing these items can save hundreds of dollars a year. It’s an easy change to make, too, because it doesn’t change any part of your normal driving experience. Buying a new car? Save money on the purchase price by forgoing those needless extras.

 Drive Less

We know… walking isn’t always possible in the city. Not only are destinations often out of range, but your route may take you right into harm’s way. Title Tree is dedicated to keeping you on the road, but if you really need to save on gas, it helps to reconsider when you get behind the wheel. Before you take off, ask yourself:

  • Do I need to leave right now?
  • Is there anywhere else I need to go?
  • Can I combine trips if I decide to wait awhile?

Before you know it, you’ll be more mindful of when you drive before you even head out to the garage.

Use Apps to Plan Your Routes

“Planning your trips” is sage advice, but it also sounds like a boring, frustrating step. Simplify it with the help of an app like Route4Me or Road Warrior. Type in your addresses and configure the fastest path between stops. Saving trips for one go will also go a long way to help you manage your time, which can have financial benefits of its own.

Drive More Efficiently

Hypermilers know the secret to getting the most miles from every gallon of gas, and it’s no secret coasting provides the most bang for your buck. The trick then is driving in a way that requires little use of your brake pedal. Incidentally, this leads to little use for heavy acceleration, and that is the source of mega-savings.

The less you accelerate, the better, so if you can plan your trips down to the detail, hit the roads when traffic is clear, and there’s a lower chance you’ll run into congestion. You can also research alternative routes with less of a traffic risk. While they may take you further out of your way, you might save money by avoiding stop-and-go city auto flow.

Draft… Safely

On the highway, an easy way to save on gas is driving behind a semi. Known as “drafting,” this technique became popular in the 70s as gas prices soared. Unfortunately for many drivers, drafting has led to fatal accidents when they were too close.

The good news is you don’t have to drive incredibly close to a semi to reap the benefits. Leaving a two-second gap between you and the truck ahead of you still results in major gains in fuel efficiency – roughly 20 percent!

It also means you’re far enough behind a semi driver to react safely in an emergency. Remember, driving closer than that may result in bigger savings, but they’ll evaporate quickly if you have to pay for repairs… or funeral expenses.

Practice Timely Maintenance

Change your air filter when it’s dirty. You’ll be surprised by the drop in your MPG if you don’t. Similarly, keeping your tires inflated to their maximum levels and ensuring all your components are functioning and greased up will go a long way in minimizing your fuel costs.

Visit your nearest Title Tree store for more tips on how to save money on gas, or if you need a little help making ends meet right about now. We’ll get you the funding you need in minutes, and our title pawns ensure you’ll stay on the road. Get in touch today to see how we can help.