How to Save Money on Groceries Without Resorting to Eating Ramen Every Day

Do you need to know how to save money on groceries? Get the tips you need.

How to Save Money on GroceriesLearn how to save money on groceries without eating poor quality foods. You can maintain your health and feel full every day while preserving your budget for other bills. It doesn’t take much work either. With planning, you can shrink all of your expenses, and that’s never as true as when you’re shopping for groceries. Some of these tips may surprise you, and others will sound downright wacky, but give them a try before you write them off. You’ll be amazed by how much you save by following a few simple tips on your trips to the grocery store.

Make a Meal Theme

Meatless Mondays deliver instant savings, but you might be surprised that other themed meal plans do too. Taco Tuesdays and Wrap-It-Up Wednesdays force you out of your comfort zone. You wind up trying new foods, and while they may not present a savings compared to your standard favorites, they do give you the variety you need to cook at home instead of grabbing dinner at a restaurant.

This gets the whole family involved in dinner too. While you’re busy planning your work for the following day, your teen can be at MyRecipes.com looking for a new chili to try. The kids can search for complimentary appetizers or dessert. Turn each meal into an event, and not only will you save money by avoiding fast food, you’ll eat healthier and enjoy your meals more as well.

Make a Store Map

Anyone can make a list, but most shoppers don’t stick to it. How do you improve your chances? Once you have your list of ingredients ready to go, create a map of the grocery store and plan each of your stops. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid the center aisles filled with processed foods and snacks, and stick with fresh ingredients whenever possible.

This tip is especially handy if you’re shopping with kids. It keeps them focused on your goals and avoids temptation buys. However, making a map of the grocery store works in your favor too. Food advertising is among the best in the business, and the majority of shoppers buy several items they didn’t plan for during every shopping trip. Conserve on your food budget by ensuring each of your purchases has a purpose.

Make the Most of Your Food

How to Save Money on GroceriesThe typical household tosses out a surprising amount of food. It goes bad. People lose motivation. Instead of dining in, families make a fast food run. These and other reasons waste the money you’ve scrimped to spend on healthy ingredients. In fact, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimates up to 40 percent of our food gets thrown away. Not only does food account for the majority of the waste found in landfills, but it creates harmful CO2 as it breaks down.

Try the following to make the most of every morsel you buy:

  • Create a weekly meal plan you can stick to.
  • Make small portions of new recipes.
  • Have appropriate storage containers ready for leftovers.
  • Reserve one day a week for eating leftovers.
  • Drink water with every meal, so you can fix smaller portions.

Through thorough planning, you can get your grocery bill under control in no time. As you develop new habits – like cooking at home instead of grabbing fast food on the go – you’ll become accustomed to a healthier diet. All it takes is a month to put these practices in place.

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