9 Super Easy Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill With These 9 Tips

Switching providers and waiting for phone deals are the top ways to lower your cell phone bill. But there are other cost-cutting tips that you can try that will help you save.

1. Use Wi-Fi To Limit Data Usage

To avoid going over your monthly data limit, connect to Wi-Fi as often as possible. When Wi-Fi access is not available, avoid downloading and streaming movies, podcasts, and music.


2. Sign Up For Data Limit Warning Alert Notifications

The data over-limit fees can add up quickly when you don’t know you are using too much data. Most cellular service providers will send you data usage alerts. Sign up, and you will know when you are close to reaching your data limit. It is the best way to avoid these high fees and lower your cell phone bill.

3. Limit Silent Background Data Usage

The apps on your phone continuously running in the background eat up a remarkable amount of your data. You can manually turn off apps you do not want, silently using data in the background, like email. Go further by syncing and checking email on a Wi-Fi connection only.

4. Go With A No-Contract Plan

Getting locked into a multi-year contract with a cell phone service provider may get you the latest phone, but not a way to save money. It may seem like it is from the commercials you see, but it is better to purchase an unlocked phone upfront. There is an initial cost to buy an unlocked phone, but you can get service from any carrier. The savings you will see on your monthly bill over the two years of a typical contract will be huge.

5. Ask For A Lower Cell Phone Bill

Sometimes you can ask for and receive a lower price for cell service. Feel free to ask for free activation, waived upgrade fees, a customer loyalty discount, and competitor price matching. It does not hurt to ask; just please do it politely. Customer service representatives in the store and on the phone can often help you lower your cell phone bill.

6. Check For Carrier Discounts To Save

These days most carriers offer discounted wireless plans and special deals for various groups and organizations. Check for discounts for active-duty military, military veterans, first responders, students, seniors, and corporate, government and education employees.

7. Make The Switch To A New Cellular Carrier

There are a few big cellular carriers and many lesser-known service providers competing for your business. Making a switch to a new provider can save you a ton. Lower your cell phone bill with a quick switch.

8. Do The Math To Compare The Total Cost

To compare one phone plan to another, try this. Add up the cost of the phone and twelve months of service for each carrier. Now, you have one number, the total, to compare. Doing the math makes it easier to know where you can save the most.

9. Watch and Wait For The Best Special Promo Offers

Limited-time promos often offer deep discounts to lower your cell phone bill. Read the fine print when you search for the best promotional deals. Sometimes you can find an amazingly low monthly rate that extends beyond the initial limited-time offer stipulates. When a discounted monthly rate gets grandfathered in, you have struck gold.

Need Quick Cash?

These tips are easy to do, and if they save you money, why not give them a try? You are going to have a cell phone bill. So, it is time to lower it. Get more ways to save from Title Tree. Title Tree is here for you when the money runs short. We serve you with an undying dedication to help. Click here to reach us for a Quick Quote at one of our Metro-Atlanta area locations.