2 Reasons Pawn Shops in Norcross are Not the Right Choice When You Need Emergency Cash

pawn shopsPawn Shops in Norcross Hold Your Property Hostage

If you have an emergency, visiting pawn shops in Norcross might seem like the best idea. They give people money in a relatively short amount of time. You probably have items you can do without as well, but what happens if you pawn an item and then need it down the road? You won’t be able to get it back without paying off your debts first. Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it.

Here are the two main reasons you should avoid pawning items when you’re low on cash.

1.  Pawn Shops Keep Your Property

Instead of heading to pawn shops in Norcross, consider getting a title pawn. They both provide fast financing for your emergency bills, where the pawn shop will not physically take possession of your property. Rather, the loan is issued based on the value of your car, and is contingent upon your possession of your auto’s title. You can borrow a little or a lot in just a few minutes, and once you get your emergency financing, you can still drive off in your car.

2.  You Don’t Receive Fair Value

In addition, some pawn shops seriously undercut the value of your goods, knowing you’re desperate for money. Their hope is that you’ll decide that your property isn’t worth the fee needed to pay your bills, and they’ll make a killing reselling your items. Title pawn providers know their money comes from interest on your short-term financing, so they are more likely to value your car at or above its true value.

Do you need money today? Own your own car? Drive yourself straight past the pawn shop when looking for alternative financing.

Skip pawn shops in Norcross, and visit your nearest Title Tree location for more information on title pawn in Georgia.