Can I Save Money at the Gas Pump Without Giving Up My Social Life?

It’s easy to save money at the gas pump when you change your driving habits.

Save Money at the Gas PumpHow can you save money at the gas pump without limiting your social life? If combining trips and carpooling won’t cut it, it’s time to take a look at the way you drive. Whether you decide to become a true hyper-miler or just gain a few more miles per gallon, the following tips will keep your gas tank full for longer without crimping your style.

Inflate your tires properly to save gas.

You’d be surprised how big of a difference properly inflated tires make on your MPG. Just a few pounds of pressure can put a surprising dent in your fuel efficiency. Considering how much you drive on a daily basis, this mistake could be costing you a small fortune each year.

Many cars today come with an automated system to alert you to low tire pressure, but did you know that usually only alerts you to dangerously low levels? Your air pressure may be lower than normal without setting off your alarm. You’re losing precious fuel economy when that happens, so look for LED tire gauge covers instead. There are two main varieties – those which change color when pressure goes too low and those which display a constant reading of the current pressure of your tires. All it takes it a second to look down while you’re getting gas to know whether you need adjustments.

Buy the cheapest gas available.

Sites like GasBuddy.com help you identify the cheapest source of gas in any area, but you have to make sensible decisions regarding the type you put in your car. Look to your owner’s manual. Premium comes at a higher price, but it only provides improved performance for certain models.

Keeping your air filter clean has a much bigger impact on acceleration, and it’s cheaper to perform regular maintenance than buy more expensive gas through the year. The cheapest gasoline mixes aren’t watered down or missing something essential. Depending on your car, there may simply be no benefit in using higher-priced fuel.

You especially don’t want to use E85 or even E10 if your car isn’t suited to it. Ethanol will erode the rubber gaskets in regular engines along with other expensive components. It also burns faster than regular gasoline, so you’re not really saving much money by filling up.

Roll down the windows to save on gas.

Even when you’re driving at the highest speeds, keeping your window down will save you tons of gas compared to running your air conditioner. Incidentally, it’s perfectly fine to use your heater when it’s cold, just remember the defrost mode works many of the same components as your AC and will lead to mega gas usage.

Channel your inner Zen to save fuel.

Your driving habits have a bigger impact on fuel efficiency than anything else. Fast acceleration is a gas guzzler. Try to plan routes that allow you to miss stop signs and figure out the timing for local lights. In most cities, stoplights are set to a timer, allowing you to tailor your driving to avoid stops.

What about when you’re on the open road? Turn cruise control off when you’re driving in hilly areas. Instead, keep steady pressure on the gas pedal or monitor your RPMS. The only caveat? Be sure to keep pace with the other drivers around you in busy areas. Saving a few miles per gallon takes a long time to offset the cost of a new bumper.

It can take time and practice to learn how to really save money on gas. Following tips like these can help, just remember to practice to make them new habits. If you need a bit of wiggle room in the meantime, a title pawn can help. Call or visit your nearest Title Tree store to find out whether you qualify.