3 Tips How to Save Money Heating Your Apartment

Learn how to save money heating your apartment. You can be comfortable without going broke!

How to save money heating your apartment Learn how to save money heating your apartment with handy tips brought to you by Title Tree. Early spring is the worst for heating and cooling costs because your hands are always on the dial. Thankfully, the thermostat isn’t the only way to keep comfortable.

Want a warm home at a fraction of the cost? Take this advice:


1. Dress in layers.

An undershirt won’t keep your fingers warm, but it will allow you to strip off some cover as the day goes on. By two or three in the afternoon, that camisole might come in handy. The alternative is switching on the air when you get toasty, which soaks up electricity — and money!

The best thing about dressing in layers is how easy and accessible it is for everyone. We all have underwear and t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters, hoodies and jackets. Online sports clothing outlets are great sources for cheap base layers. You can also wear traditional long johns. Pair them with pants, or keep your legs cozy and warm under a throw or wrap.

2. Cover the floor.

Save Money Heating Your ApartmentIf you have hardwood, tile or vinyl surfaces, you might not be as warm as you could be. Area rugs help maintain heat in spaces with slick flooring. They provide an important layer of insulation in any room. Even in spaces with installed carpeting, rugs offer benefits. For instance, they help collect dust and dirt, and in doing so, keep the air in your apartment cleaner.

The type of rug you choose has a huge impact on its potential warming effects. According to Lowe’s, the perfect area rug leaves no more than two feet of space around its perimeter. A suitable area rug should also have a high line or stitch count. A dense rug, even if it is thin, will provide more insulation than a thick rug made with fewer strands of material.

The type of yarn or fabric used to create a rug has importance as well. Wool rugs are the thickest and most durable used in residential spaces. Unfortunately, they’re also the most expensive. Cotton, jute and sisal are suitable alternatives.

3. Run a humidifier.

Surprisingly, adjusting the humidity in your apartment is a fast and easy way to change how warm you feel. Consider how hot you are on a summer day when the air is muggy compared to the same temperature when moisture is low. Your body can’t sweat as easily when there are tons of water droplets in the air, so you retain a higher body temperature.

It’s easy to recreate the same effect indoors with any humidifying equipment. It’s best to use a unit with an automatic shut off. Moist air left unchecked can lead to problems of its own. Recommended moisture levels for boosting HVAC services are between 30 and 60 percent.

Of course, using a humidifier during wintertime has other benefits as well. Your skin, nasal and nasal membranes, eyes and hair stay healthier. Viruses have a harder time moving through moist air, so humidifiers can help stave off colds and the flu. Humidifiers lead to more satisfying sleep because breathing is easier.

It can take time and practice to learn how to save money heating your apartment. If you need a bit of wiggle room, a title pawn can help. Call or visit your nearest Title Tree store to find out whether you qualify.