The Four Biggest Hacks to Help You Save Money Living Paycheck to Paycheck

There are a variety of ways to help save money living paycheck to paycheck.

Save Money Living Paycheck to PaycheckTo help with finances, you can use same ways to save money living paycheck to paycheck. None of these methods will serve as a magic fix to money problems. But each can make a small difference that can really add up.

Use GPT Apps on Your Phone

There are a number of get-paid-to (GPT) websites and apps that will pay users to do certain things. One such example involves downloading smartphone apps, usually video games. These GPT apps are especially nice because almost everyone has a smartphone and these GPT apps can provide a little bit of extra money without additional work by the user.

For example, users can get anywhere from a few cents to almost a dollar if they use a specific GPT app that asks users to download other apps. Sometimes all they need to do is download it to get credit. Other times, they’ll need to open it and play it for a certain amount of time. These GPT apps are really nice because they only take a few minutes to use and are easy to fit in your normal day.

For instance, when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, you can take advantage of your unlimited data plan to download and open the app. Or maybe when you’re having lunch in your office work you can start a download and open the app while you eat. Either way, you’re not losing any time to do this work and it can lead to an extra few dollars each week. Over the course of a year, that’s over a hundred dollars each year if you’re diligent about it.

Go Thrift Store Shopping

Some items are perfect for buying used. Baby clothes, children’s toys, garden tools, kitchen implements and household knickknacks are just as good used as they are new. However, you can save anywhere from 50 percent to 95 percent compared to buying an item new. And sometimes, the item will be new because the prior owner never used it, but simply placed it into storage.

But not everything is as easily useable used as they are new. For example, you should generally avoid buying used items that are necessary for safety. Car seats, bike helmets and baby cribs are good examples. That’s not to say they will always be unsafe to use because you bought them at a thrift store, but the risk is higher with these items. This is because you have no idea how the prior owner used the item or if it endured damage in the recent past.

Sell Stuff on eBay

If you have some unused but sought-after items sitting around the home, they are perfect for selling on eBay. Anything from an old smartphone, laptop, toy, clothing or electronic may be worth more than a few bucks on eBay. You’ll need to do your research and factor in the payment and eBay fees, as well as the shipping costs. But you should very well come out with plenty of money in your pocket when an item sells.

And if you’re really lucky, you’ll sell a super valuable antique or retro toy that collectors will pay a surprising amount of money for.

Use Your Credit Card to Save Money Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Credit card companies work very hard to gain new customers and hold onto current ones. To do this, they offer generous rewards to entice customers to use their credit cards. One of the best rewards is the cash back feature. Depending on the credit card, users can expect anywhere from one percent to five percent cash back on certain purchases.

For credit cards with no restrictions on the cash back? Users can expect anywhere from one percent to two percent cash back. For purchases of certain items, like groceries or gas, credit card users can often get up to five percent cash back. This amounts to free money for items you need anyways, like food.

Just remember to pay off the balance each month. Otherwise, any of the cash back bonuses will mean nothing with high interest rates and finance fees.

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