Believe it or Not, You Can Save Money on Gas! Read on for Some Great Tips and Tricks

save money on gasMost drivers want to save money on gas, but besides cutting back on their trips, they’re not sure how to scale back. Thankfully, there are many small changes you can make to cut back on your costs. Some of these take more of an adjustment than others, but in no time, you’ll be cutting back on your car expenses. To save money on gas, consider these tips:

Combine your trips.

Before automobiles were invented, back in the days when people either had to walk or hitch up the pony for a ride into town, planning trips was the norm. With the rising costs of gasoline, we’re seeing a return to this old way of doing things. Most people can’t afford to just go whenever they feel the urge, not if they want to be able to get around for the rest of the month, so planning trips is becoming more common.

It takes a mental adjustment, but it’s one that’s fairly easy to adopt. The process is simple—instead of going to the store as soon as you run out of sugar, write “sugar” on a notepad on the fridge. Once you’re headed in the store’s direction, grab your list and take care of your shopping while you’re already out. It may sound like a small change, but the amount of gas—and the expense—it can save really adds up by the end of the month.

Accelerate slowly.

Sometimes, it’s a simple habit that can make a big impact, such as accelerating after a stop. Whenever you accelerate, you burn more gas. This is the reason fuel efficiency is lower in the city, because you’re constantly having to stop and then speed up again. Even urbanites can save, however, by learning to take off slowly.

Allow your car’s engine to ease into transitions instead of slamming on the gas and revving through gear changes. This one simple change, which requires very little adjustment to make a new habit, can take a serious bite out of your gas expenses. Additionally, it’s better for your car.

Turn off cruise control while riding on hills.

Cruise control was created to conserve on gas, in addition to reduce strain on drivers traveling long distances. Unfortunately, when set in hilly areas, it’s constantly slowing down or speeding up. This is hard on your car’s parts and horrible for gas mileage, which relies on relatively continuous demand to stay high. In hilly areas, switch off cruise control and keep an eye on your RPMs.

Hypermilers, drivers who make a hobby out of conserving gas, try to keep their engines under 2000 RPMs and maintain a consistent pressure on the gas pedal, even if speed drops in the process. Unfortunately, that’s not always safe on a busy stretch of highway. When in doubt, err on the side of protecting yourself. Any gas savings you get through hypermiling will be offset if you wind up in an accident.

Pay attention at the pump.

One reason you might be struggling to get good basic performance from your car is because of impropriety at the pumps. When you pull up, you’ll usually see different types of gas available at different prices. Thankfully differences in gas tanks prevent most people from using diesel when regular gasoline is needed, but the same isn’t true if your car needs a premium mix in order to perform its best.

Downgrading to save money on gas can cost you in the long run, so make sure you read up on which gasoline is best for your ride. For instance, lower quality gasoline mixes may prevent your torque converter from kicking in on time, leading to higher RPMs, greater wear on components and burning much more gas than is necessary.

Keep an eye on tire pressure.

Even in areas like Georgia, small changes in temperature can have a big impact on your tire pressure, and tire pressure can drive your fuel efficiency straight into the ground. Don’t rely on your car’s tire pressure alarm for regulation. These typically alert you only once you’re in danger of a blowout. Instead, invest in pressure-reading air valves so all you have to do is look at your tires to know whether they need more air. Keeping your tires full will allow you to get the best mileage whether you’re driving in or out of town.

We hope these tips on how to save money on gas will help you stretch your budget further than ever before. However, you may need a title pawn to help you while you pick up new habits. Call 770.464.5800 or come on in to Title Tree, and we can help you get the cash you need.