Save Money On Your Power Bill Effortlessly

Effortless Ways To Save On Your Power Bill 

The most effortless way to save money on your power bill is to use less power. Here we are sharing the best ways to start saving money right away. All you have to do is make a few minor adjustments to see significant savings. Most of these tips and tricks will not cost you anything, but the savings are a sure thing. Stick to these energy-saving changes to conserve energy and to save money on your power bill, too.

Turn Off The Lights

Lighting offers several ways to reduce your energy usage. Flip the lights off when you leave a room and only use the lights you need when you need them. When you turn off unnecessary lights, you can save a bundle, especially if you use old school energy-hogging 100-watt incandescent bulbs. 

Control Outside Lighting

For exterior lighting and floodlights, install led bulbs with motion sensors or timers to control them instead of leaving them on all the time. The increased security is a bonus on top of a lower electric bill.

Let The Sun Shine

Make use of natural light. The light is pleasant, and even better, it is free to use. Now, that is a brilliant way to save money on your power bill.

Switch To LED Bulbs

Make the switch to LED light bulbs for significant savings. Whether you replace incandescent light bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs with LEDs, you will use 80% less energy. Look for LEDs on sale or at dollar stores for the lowest priced LED light bulbs. 

Use Task Lighting

Turn off overhead lighting and use focused desk lamps, movable track lights, and under-cabinet alternatives for reading and projects to save money on your power bill. Overhead ceiling lighting can be too harsh in workrooms, hobby areas, and kitchens.

Use Less Hot Water

Heating water is a massive part of your utility bill each month. Whether you heat your water with electricity, natural gas, or another way, using less hot water will help you save money. 

Shorten Showers

To use less hot water, you can take shorter showers with colder water. You can make a difference by shaving a few minutes off your daily shower and a couple of degrees of the water temperature.

Turn The Faucet

Turn off the water when brushing your teeth. Also, turn the faucet off when you shave. This practice is a blatant waste of water and energy if the water is heated. Just say no. 

Adjust The Temperature

Another way to use less hot water is to set the temperature on your water heater to 120° Fahrenheit. This temperature will produce water hot enough for usage without scalding, but always use hot water with caution to avoid injuries.

Noodle You Pipes

Insulate your hot-water pipes for pennies with a pool noodle sold everywhere during the summer. Cut the noodle down its length from end to end. Now you can stretch the noodle open to fit around your hot water lines to save money on your utility bill.

Title Tree Tips

Title Tree is your source for reliable money-saving tips and tricks. These ways to save on your power bill will help you save some cash every month. However, sometimes your savings is not enough to cover the unexpected. When you find that you need a cash infusion for medical bills, tuition, or anything else, contact one of our locations. We will be happy to help you. Let us know how much you reduce your energy costs by using our tips. And remember, at Title Tree, we are always here when you need us most. Contact us today.