The Pros Tell You How to Stick to Your Budget

Already know how to stick to your budget? If not, take a moment to learn from the best.

Stick to Your BudgetFind out how to stick to your budget with help from the top financial bloggers online. Following their advice will only point you in the right direction, but it makes sense that some will work better for you than others. Choose the tips that work best for you and your personality. Improve your money situation today by discovering the easiest, most effective ways for you to live within your means.

Here is some of the best budget advice published by today’s top personal finance blogs:

MintLife and Your Budget

Over at MintLife, they really know how to stick to your budget, and it shows in the simple and straightforward advice they give to their readers. Tip #1? Stay on top of your savings. Keep it easy to save money by automating the process. Move a small amount over every time you get paid, and you’ll have an emergency fund established in no time.

Can You Save EveryDollar?

EveryDollar keeps money manageable by staying realistic at every step in your journey. Their top advice? Be true to your lifestyle. If you’ve budgeted for $10 on entertainment but overspend every month, you need to get honest with yourself. Either you need to spend less in other areas, or you’ll have to start generating extra income. There’s no way to stick to a budget that conflicts with reality.

What about The Simple Dollar?

Things get a little soulful at The Simple Dollar where priority is placed on purpose. Their first step in sticking to that budget? Figure out why you have it. Until you really understand why you’re creating guidelines, it will be much harder to abide by them. Naturally, you want to spend less than you earn, but why? Financial success? Stability? To handle emergencies without breaking a sweat? Find out what you get from having money left over, and celebrate those things each time you curb your spending.

Can You Get Rich Slowly?

The pros at Get Rich Slowly have a primary piece of advice for budget builders: Overestimate your expenses so you can stick to your budget. For those monthly splurges you can’t accurately predict, it’s always better to give yourself more room to spend than you need.

WiseBread Is Tasty

WiseBread readers benefit from detailed budget-making advice. First and foremost tip? Create a two-column budget. Fill the first column in with your anticipated expenses. Fill the second one in after the fact with the real figures. Tracking your expenses exactly means you’re aware of your spending instead of just assuming you’re doing what’s best. Once you have the right details, you can make positive changes capable of making a real difference, like restricting yourself from certain purchases because you know you’re likely to overspend.

What Advice Can MoneyCrasher Give?

“Pay before you Play,” counsel the folks at MoneyCrashers. To stick to your budget, you need to make sure your fixed expenses are taken care of before any extras come into play. Rent or mortgage, electricity, water and other essential bills in your home should be paid before shopping splurges to ensure you have the money to cover your necessities.

20SomethingFinance Has Plan to Help You Stick to Your Budget

Similarly, 20somethingfinance.com gives readers a four-step plan to creating a budget that works. Step #1? Start with your essentials. These aren’t the things you need to be responsible, but the things you need to live, period. Food, shelter, utilities and transportation are essentials. Your wardrobe for work is not.

Consumerism Commentary Community

The introspective approach more your style? You’ll love budgeting alongside the readers at Consumerism Commentary. They stick to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs when it comes to prioritizing how to spend money. Make sure your money goes where it will do the most good following the model by which wants and needs are often determined: from physical to safety, community, esteem and finally, self-actualization, such as hobbies.

Budgeting relies a lot on personality. Thankfully, there’s winning advice out there for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a fan of tracking exact figures. If you’re still working on how to stick to your budget, an auto pawn could help. Call your nearest Title Tree location now for help.