Top 8 Ways to Save Money on Books

Are you a book lover and looking for ways to save money on books? There’s no need to go without your beloved reads. These tips can help you to continue your love of reading without the high price tag.

Ways to Save Money on BooksBook lovers are always looking for ways to save money on books. From textbooks to hardcovers, reading can be a more expensive hobby than may people think. Textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars (and are often non-optional), while hardcovers don’t go down in price just because they came out a while ago. Here are some tips for saving money next time you’re interested in curling up with a good book.

How to Save Money on Specific Books

1. Buy Them Used Online

Buying books used has never been easier. There are many online marketplaces through which you can purchase used books. The downside, of course, is that they aren’t likely to be in mint condition. You may see some dog-eared pages, highlighting, and notes on them.

If you’re buying textbooks rather than books for enjoyment, keep in mind that many textbooks come with one-use codes for online accounts, and there are many different versions.

2. Go to Your Local Library

Your local library may have more than you think; many communities have revitalized their library structures and collections. In fact, some libraries even rent out tools and appliances!

While new releases may not be available right away, you can still find plenty of worthwhile books from which to choose. If it is a book that was relatively popular or was released a few years ago, though, you have a good chance of finding it on the public library shelves.

3. Consider eBooks and Audio Books

Not all copies of a book are the same price. Both eBooks and audiobooks may be less expensive, depending on the book and the publisher. Always remember to check multiple formats for the lowest possible price. Some websites provide discounts and trial offers for you to check out their online and audiobook subscriptions before purchasing.

4. Look for Coupons when Buying New

When you have to buy books new, always look for coupons. You can search for coupon codes online when buying from a bookstore, or you can even ask the bookstore if they have coupons available.

How to Save Money on Books in General

5. Trade Them with Your Friends

Friends can be a great source of not only books but also book recommendations. If you don’t know what to read next, you can ask your friends. They may have a great suggestion for you and might even be able to lend you their copy.

6. Look for a Book Subscription Service

There are a number of book subscription services available today. You pay a single flat fee a month, and you can read all of the books in their library. You can look at their inventory beforehand so before you commit, you know what they have.

The downside is that these services are mostly digital. If you dislike online books or digital book readers, you may not like book subscription services. The advantage is you can read to your heart’s desire and have easy access to hundreds of books.

7. Check out Garage Sales and Estate Sales

If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of books or just something new to read, consider checking out garage sales and estate sales. These often have popular books going for a matter of cents, as books can take up a lot of space.

8. Wait for Local Sales

Calling your local bookstore and asking them when their next promotion is can be an excellent strategy if there are several books you want to buy at once. When you’re doing holiday shopping, for instance, you can ask about sales and promotions and plan to do the bulk of your book shopping when they are offering valuable deals.

Some books aren’t exactly an optional purchase. If you need a book for study or an exam, you need it now. If you’re working on finding ways to save money on books, an auto pawn could help. Call your nearest Title Tree location for help now.