3 Ways to Save Money Using Simple Life Hacks

Discover ways to save money with life hacks, and amaze yourself with the benefits.

lWays to Save Money Learn ways to save money with life hacks and have some fun while you’re at it! Most people never try to do anything special with their budgets. They accept life as an expensive experience and settle for things they’re never going to get. The truth? Life presents numerous opportunities to shrink your bills. Use the extra money to create a life worth living, a job w
orth working! You don’t have to settle for less, and you won’t once you put these tips into motion.


1. Stop by the library.

Today’s libraries offer more than free books on demand. Movies, music, videos games, comic books, audio books, puppets, and software programs are all available. They often host events for kids and adults. Many libraries offer free classes for learning English or studying for exams. They have free story time, free craft time and free internet. Some even have free refreshments.

Library lending programs allow you to tap into resources at other facilities. If your library doesn’t carry a particular book, game or magazine, your librarian can order it from somewhere that does. Many libraries offer digital products as well. You can take advantage of their offerings without even leaving the house.

Librarians are often a huge source of savings. They can offer you advice on an endless number of topics. Some offer notary services or tax services. If they don’t, the staff at your local library will tell you who does. The library offers free or reduced cost meeting spaces to many different organizations. You can find clubs and other activities happening there all month long. Libraries are a gateway to an entire community of resources and should be your first stop if you’re feeling bored.

2. Start negotiating.

Everyone knows that one guy who haggles everywhere for the best price, and few people want to be him in real life. The good news is, you don’t have to be obnoxious to save some money. Ask when you call to pay your bills. Also ask the insurance company if there are savings available. You can ask your student loan officer if it would benefit you to refinance. You can even ask your electric or water company if there’s any way to lower your bill or receive a credit to your account. Ask anytime you know it won’t put someone out.

Ways to Save Money According to The Simple Dollar, these savings can really pay off. Look through the bills mailed to your home, and take note of all the fees you’re paying. Ask if you can have them removed or lowered. Taking this one simple step can save you money all year, every year going forward!

When should you pay full price? Most chain restaurants, retail or grocery stores require a clerk to get manager approval for a discount. That slows business down. It costs management money. You aren’t likely to get approval unless there is a problem.

When should you always negotiate? When you travel, prices are almost always negotiable. However, there’s a trick to getting the most from your money. Book online at the cheapest price you can find. Once you’re at the hotel or the car rental, ask if there are free upgrades available. This doesn’t guarantee you a better room or a bigger car, but many times you will get one.

3. Invest in maintenance.

Taking care of what you already own is your number one way to save money. Clean the coils on the fridge. Change the air filter in your furnace, and your car. Clean out the lint trap. All those appliances will run more efficiently. Inflate your tires once a month and your car will have better gas mileage. Even keeping things organized cuts back on your costs, because you won’t have to replace lost items.

Take a moment to respect yourself by caring for what you already own. It pays off financially, but there are even bigger benefits: it reinforces that you’re someone who deserves nice, clean, well-functioning things. Believing that will do more to improve your life than anything.

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