Easy Ways to Spend Less Money without Putting Your Life on Hold

What are the easiest ways to spend less money without feeling the pinch?

ways to spend less moneyIt’s not always easy to spend less money. First, there’s not always a lot of money to spend to begin with, so forgoing those few treats you do give yourself can really sting. Other than that, though, are the habits we allow ourselves to get into. They make life operate smoothly, on schedule, and purchases are generally part of that. However, when you really start to analyze your spending, you may be surprised by all of the little expenses that add up over time.

Some of your spending habits may seem to make your life easier, but they aren’t so great for your budget. Thankfully, it takes under a month of consistency to develop new habits, though it may not feel that way in the process. What can you do to make tightening the wallet even easier?

Check out these easy ways to spend less money without losing your cool:

Save money by knowing where you’re spending it.

Most people are surprised once they realize how they spend their check. It seems like we’re spending most of our money on bills, but how much is really left over? An easy way of figuring this out is using a service like Mint.com. The simple interface is available on iOS, Android and Microsoft, as well as through a user-friendly web-based platform. By inputting your check amount, or linking your bank account to monitor your direct deposits, withdrawals and debits. They system goes a step further and lumps things together by types of purchase, helping you see how much of your check is going toward rent and utilities, groceries, supplies, kid expenses, entertainment and other areas. While seeing these figures can be frustrating, it’s key to knowing where you can cut the fat.

Save money by examining your bills closely.

You may be surprised by what you see. With so many services today relying on automatic billing, it’s common for people to be billed for services they’ve forgotten about. Make sure you understand every charge on your debit or credit card bills, and then consider whether there are cheaper alternatives. Cell phone bills, Internet service, entertainment subscriptions and other services can often be negotiated, so give your providers a call and request lower charges. This is especially true if you can share lower competing offers. You can wind up cutting your expenses without making any sacrifices.

Identify problem areas in your budget. Once you understand where your money is going, you can pinpoint the unexpected spending spikes you have a hard time justifying. This can be as simple as a coffee every morning before work, a weekly lunch with gals you no longer like or a cable bill when there are few channels you watch. Look at alternatives instead—such as SlingTV, a streaming live-channel service with many of the same channels you get through cable, or going to lunch with the girls and limiting yourself to an appetizer.

Save money a little at a time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re putting away a single dollar. Get in the habit of putting something into a savings account whenever you get your check. As the balance of your savings account grows, you’ll be motivated to push it even further. It’ll give you the push you need to make sacrifices you might otherwise dread.

We hope these tips on how to spend less money will help you stretch your budget farther than ever before. However, if your current efforts don’t stretch far enough, Title Tree is always here to help you. Call, click, or come in to the Title Tree nearest you, and you’ll see why we’re know for our excellent customer service – and the best rates in town.