11 Ways To Spend Less For Groceries Next Time You Shop

What Amount Do Shoppers Spend For Groceries Each Month?

The standard recommendation for people saving money is 10 to 15% of take-home pay for food. That includes groceries, delivery, fast food, take-out, and dine-in. Most people spend about 25 to 35%. We found some foolproof ways to help you spend less for groceries.


Have a Light Dinner

Dinner does not have to be the heaviest meal of the day. Some say it is best to eat the most food for breakfast. Follow up breakfast with less food for lunch and less than that for dinner. Eat less for dinner once in a while to lower your monthly grocery bill.

Buy Online For Pickup

When you shop online and pick up curbside, you can save money—doing so works because you buy what you need without facing temptations up and down every aisle. Most stores offer free curbside pickup, so there are no extra fees. But the best part is saying bye-bye to budget-busting impulse buys.

Use What You Buy To Spend Less For Groceries

Do not let moldy, rotting food sneak up on you. It is gross and wastes money for sure. It can help to put a list of recent purchases on the refrigerator door. That way, you will know you have two cucumbers, an onion, and half an avocado to eat.

Do Not Grocery Shop With Overspenders

Significant others who cannot shop from a grocery list will not help you spend less money shopping. The same goes for kids pleading for high-priced endcap candies. Of course, you love them, but leave them at home when it is food shopping time if you want to save.

Get Herbal

Fresh herbs cost a fortune and are not budget-friendly. Try your hand at gardening on a small scale with an herb garden. In a couple of pots outside, on a patio, or inside, you can grow herbs. Basil, mint, rosemary, and catnip are easy enough to grow.

Have A Pantry Raid

Planning meals with what you have at home is a surefire way to spend less on food. But, that means finding out what is in the back of your pantry and freezer. Make a point to find recipes to incorporate these hidden gems. The beauty is you have already paid for whatever you find. Try these easy pantry recipes.

Abandon Brands

Buying brand name food products costs more than the generic or store brand items. There is no reason to fear the store brand. Studies show that the majority of store-branded products compare to the brand item’s quality and taste. Plus, you will pay at least 25% less when you skip brand names.

Eat Breakfast For Dinner

Most families like to have breakfast for dinner sometimes. Make cheese and egg quesadillas with hashbrowns for a filling budget-friendly meal. Boil several eggs for a quick, low-cost egg salad sandwich supper.

Round-Up Prices To Spend Less For Groceries

Use your smartphone to keep a running total of the items you put in your grocery cart. Do yourself a favor and round up prices as you calculate your total. So, items you buy for $1.29 round up to $2.00 and so on. Rounding up gives you a little cushion to help you stay under budget when you get to the checkout.

Dollar Store Plus One

You can try a similar trick when you dollar store shop for food. Because everything is a dollar rounding up is silly. Instead, add one to the number of items in your cart. The extra dollar should put you underbudget and pleasantly surprise you at the register.

Better Not Buy Bulk

Sometimes it is better to skip big bulk buys. First of all, bulk does not always mean it is a good deal. Buying in bulk is not automatically the cheaper option. You need to check the unit price at the grocery store to see which size is the better deal.

Spend Less For Groceries With These Tips

Use a few of these ways to spend less for groceries to lower your monthly food bill in a flash. Title Tree is the place to find new ways to save money on everything. Click here to reach us for a title pawn Quick Quote at one of our Metro-Atlanta area locations.