Practical Ways to Save Money That Will Really Work For You

Kick-off the new year with these practical ways to save money!

  • Meal plan for each week
  • Save change in a piggy bank
  • Declutter by selling your stuff
  • Cancel memberships you do not use
  • Recycle scrap metal
  • More saving tips


How do you save up money fast?

  • Set a Goal. When you quantify how much you want to save, money is easier to save. 
  • Avoid Spending. When you only spend when it is absolutely necessary, you can save money fast.
  • Collect What Is Owed. Do not let the loans you make go on unpaid.
  • Line Up a Side Job. Earning more might be easier than spending less.
  • Sell Your Stuff.

What is the 30-day rule?

The 30-day rule is one of the practical ways to save money. This simple idea has the power to help you control your spending and make better financial choices for you. The rule works like this. When you feel the urge to buy something non-essential, whether in a store or shopping online, use the 30-day rule. Here are the steps.

  1. Stop
  2. Do not buy anything
  3. Leave the store or website
  4. Wait 30 days
  5. If you still want it, buy it
  6. If you don’t want it after 30-days, do not buy it

Bonus Tip:  Do this when you do not buy the item after waiting 30 days: You can add the money you would have spent on the item to your savings. This is one of the most practical ways to save money.

How can I save a lot of money in a short amount of time?

There are practical ways to save money in a short amount of time. These include cutting out unnecessary expenditures and saving over half of your paycheck. Other ways to save are to a side job and find new no-cost hobbies.

What is the $5 Challenge?

The $5 challenge is a fun and practical way to save money. When you get a $5 bill as change, you have to save it until the end of the year. See how many $5 bills you have after 12 months. More money challenges to try.

Is it better to pay off a debt or save the money?

Whether you should save money or pay off debt is up to you. The best idea for many people is to balance efforts to save and pay off debt. They might not pay off debts quickly, but they can save up an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses. For them, a balanced approach to saving and paying down debt is a practical way to save.

Lowering your housing costs is a practical way to save

Our housing expenses are one of the biggest each month. What if you could lower your housing costs by a few hundred dollars each month. That amount of extra cash makes a huge difference. Here are some practical ways to save on housing. Consider making a move into a smaller apartment or house that costs less. Are you living in a location that has higher housing costs? You might be able to locate a cheaper place nearby. Another idea is to rent a room in your home to a friend. The monthly rent will offset your housing costs.

How can Title Tree help?

When you find you need cash for bills, tuition, or anything else, contact one of our locations. We will be happy to help you. And remember, at Title Tree, we are always here when you need us most. Contact us today.