Saving Money on Food Guide


Do you ever feel like your food budget is out of control? For families and individuals alike, food costs eat up a large chunk of the monthly budget. If you are trying to figure out how to save money on food, you aren’t alone. From couponing and budget cooking to making the most out of the Dollar Menu, people are continually seeking ways to make eating more affordable without having to resort to beans and rice every day.

In order to begin cutting back on what you spend on food each month, you’ll have to put forth some effort and planning. It’s about making the switch from being reactive (“I’m hungry…where can I grab food now?”) to proactive (“I’m making this plan for meals and sticking to it!”).

In this Guide, we will share with you how to save money on food through your grocery shopping, cooking, dining at fast food and other restaurants, and even on baby food. The team at Title Tree understands the struggle to get the food budget just right, and we are always here if you need some extra help to make your budget work for the month.

Save Money on Groceries

How often do you walk out of the grocery store with your bags of groceries shocked by the amount of money you just paid for a minimal amount of food? It’s easy to rack up the bill quickly, especially if you don’t have a plan or grocery shopping strategy.

Remember how we mentioned it’s all about being proactive? When it comes to shopping for groceries, you may find yourself just grabbing whatever looks good, or trying to put together meals on the fly without a well thought-out plan. This is a recipe for blowing out the grocery budget. Keep reading for the tips you need to create a plan and reign in your grocery spending.

Save Money by Cooking

Wondering if it’s possible to save money by cooking? If you aren’t used to cooking your food at home, it can feel like a major change to go from restaurant meals to home-cooking. However, if you get your meal planning and shopping right, you can save a significant amount of money each month on your food-related costs.

Beginning to cook your meals at home can feel overwhelming at first, but the team at Title Tree is here to offer the guidance and tips you need. Keep reading to learn how to save money by cooking our own food, including the cooking ideas to help you keep things interesting, delicious, and affordable.

Save Money on Fast Food

Fast food lives up to the name—it’s speedy food right when you need it. However, when you buy it on a regular basis, it can also drain your wallet FAST. It’s possible to save money on fast food so you can still enjoy it, even when you are trying to stick to a monthly budget for your food costs.

At Title Tree, we want you to enjoy life and that includes the fast food you love. Plus, we understand you are always on the go and sometimes fast food is the only thing you have time to eat. We’ve compiled these tips for how to save money on fast food so you can have your fast food without wrecking your budget.

Save Money at Restaurants

Are you trying to find ways to save money at restaurants? If you are a foodie who loves a good restaurant meal, you understand how detrimental constant dining out can be to your wallet. While a meal out might not do too much damage to your bank account, multiple meals a week take a toll. The good news is you don’t have to completely change your dining habits in order to save your food budget.

Check out these tips from your friends at Title Tree to learn how to save money at restaurants, so you can continue to enjoy the foodie life without going broke.

Save Money by Meal Prepping

Is meal prepping the answer to your food budget woes? If you eat out at restaurants often, you can expect to significantly shave down your monthly food costs with some smart meal prep. Eating in can be just as exciting and delicious (and likely far healthier) when you know how to up your meal prepping game.

Perhaps the thought of personally preparing all of your meals makes you feel a little light-headed. Don’t worry. The team at Title Tree has you covered with these simple tips you can start using this week to save money with meal prepping.

Save Money on Baby Food

Who would have thought food for a teeny-tiny baby would cost so much? The amount of food seems so small, but anyone who has a baby in the house knows how the price of food for the little people adds up quickly. Want to go with organic baby food? Oh, then you are dealing with even higher costs! (What do they put in this stuff anyway—gold-plated jar lids?)

If you are on the baby food struggle bus, it’s time to learn how you can save money on baby food. The team at Title Tree is sharing our best tips for saving money on food for your infant, including what you need to know about coupons and making your own baby food.

How Can Title Tree Help When You Need Us

While food expenses take up a pretty significant chunk of your monthly budget, there are ways to cut back and save money on food. Our team at Title Tree understands the challenge of feeding a family (or even just yourself), which is why we are pleased to provide you with tips and tricks for saving as well as affordable lending options to help you when you need them most.

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